4×4 Off Road Camping Trailer Locally Manufactured Metalian 4×4 Trailers – Affordable, Tough, Quality !


The Metalian 4×4 Off-Road Camping Trailer

Offering you a locally manufactured 4×4 Off Road trailer that has several unique features and is very much competitively priced.


  • Robust Computer designed and analysed mono-cock design in 3CR12 stainless steel (offers more trailer for less weight)
  • 1.7 ton braked axle and surge coupling, 15 inch rim and tyres
  • Physically tested on our in-house purpose built testing rig which guarentees many years of hassle free performance
  • The floorpan is built “under the chassis” – allows a whopping 2.92 cubic meters of internal packing volume (Biggest in its catergory)
  • Water tanks fitted top down, so when not used, offers additional internal space
  • Height adjustable tow hitch, no need for drop plates which limit the departure angles on the towing vehicle
  • Built in hard top roof tent with innovative slide hinge assembly offers spacious sleeping area (RT Model Only)
  • Hard top with roof rails offers additional roof packing area – ideal for collecting wood and logs on your way to camp
  • Two deep panelled doors with shelving in the doors
  • Height adjustable and interchangeable shelving and slides for personal customisation
  • In-house slides and hinges manufactured in stainless steel
  • Unique rear platform ( under development – info & images to be released soon! )
  • The best departure angles (with skid plates) in its category
  • Compact design – so much packing space and versatility including a roof tent all fitted into these overall dimensions are testament to Metalian’s creative and intelligent design.
  • Measurements 1500 x 2100
  • Overall height including roof tent is 1680 mm with 70/16 tyres fitted.
  • Draw bar length1250 mm – Overall length 3350 mm.
  • Weight – 405 kgs including two steel internal side compartments, shelves etc… additional large nose cone is another 28 kgs.

Although we do not fit accessories such as dual battery systems, fridges, inverters, etc.. that trailer has been designed with special compartments, fixing points and access holes that caters for all such accessories. This way you get to fit what you want or go to a fitment centre of choice, and have them advise you of the various brands and components available.

We have a partnership with fitment centres where you can both get a trailer from and all the accessories you need.
(dependant on stock availability)

See here for more info & pictures